What To Look For When Choosing an Ironing Board

An iron board is a wide, flat surface for ironing clothes. This board comes with some features that make ironing easier and faster. This makes it important to choose the right ironing board for your cloth. Your choice should be a sturdy yet lightweight ironing board. Before we proceed, it is crucial to know the types of ironing board available.


Modern ironing board comes in different forms from the wall-mounted, built-in model to the portable ones which may stand alone or for table top use. These are designed to be versatile and flexible, allowing users to manually adjust the height and for easy transportation.



As the name implies, they are mounted on doors. It is often nailed or hooked above the door in order to move them easily. It folds down easily from the door; hence, saving a lot of space.


  • Wall-mounted Ironing Board


This type of board is usually built into the wall. They are designed with additional features such as shelves or wall cabinets for proper storage. This design serves to ensure proper storage and maximize room space. This board allows you the flexibility you require when ironing.  


  • Table Top Ironing Board


With short legs that can be placed at the top of a table, this is perhaps the most portable type of ironing board. Its portability serves as a great advantage for you to carry along wherever you go. This board is perfect for rooms and apartments with small spaces.



Before buying an ironing board, there are a few things you have to look for. This article highlights the three major things to consider when choosing an ironing board.



The type of cloth you iron and how frequently your iron will determine the size and shape of the iron board. Take for instance, a smaller board will correctly fit in small spaces but it may require a number of positioning while ironing. This is particularly for those living in a small dorm or home, the ease of adjustment and maneuverability will suit your need. Consequently, if you live in a big home and iron more often, considering a large board should be ideal.


  • Type of Material


Make sure the material used has heat resistant properties. The grid likewise, should not have the capacity to store up all the moisture. Besides, you will find a thick layer of fiber pad in between the board – this ensures easy removal of wrinkles.


  • Board Cover


The cover of the board must have a smooth surface to ensure easy, smooth, and fast ironing without withholding moisture.


For most types of clothing, a small tabletop board is convenient to have around. It is not only portable but also flexible enough to save up some space. This board is highly recommended as it comes with an adjustable height feature while also allowing for easier storage.


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